Melanie Morrison prepares candles for a vigil in Kahnawake Thursday night to raise awareness for her missing sister Tiffany Morrison. ((CBC))

Friends and family of Tiffany Morrison held a vigil Thursday night to mark the third anniversary of her disappearance.

About 300 people stood in respect as tiotiake singers paid tribute to the missing Mohawk woman. Police say they have very few leads in the case, and only one suspect.

Morrison was last seen in a taxi with a man on the Kahnawake reserve, southwest of Montreal.          

The man told police the taxi driver dropped him off at home first, and then continued on with Morrison. He said he doesn't remember details about the driver, or the taxi company, and he has refused to take a lie detector test.

Tiffany's sister, Melanie Morrison, said Thursday having the lone suspect living so close has created a rift in the community. "If it was me, I'd be doing anything and everything that the police asked me to, since I was the last person to be seen with her," she said.

Morrison’s family said the media have largely ignored her disappearance.

"I hate to say that there's a lot of prejudice in the media, but when something like this happens, we didn't get the attention that we should have got, so it makes us wonder if maybe a member of our community is viewed as not as important," Melanie Morrison said.

People in the community plan to raise awareness by putting her picture on billboards near the reserve. They hope that seeing Morrison’s face every day will motivate someone who might know details of her whereabouts to come forward.