Montreal's Excentris cinema, a cultural mecca on the Main since 1999, is closing – for the moment, at least.

Cinéma Parallèle, which has operated the movie theatre since 2011, issued a news release Tuesday, citing financial issues as the reason for the closure.

The closure went into effect at noon Tuesday.

As late as Monday evening, the cinema had been tweeting promos of events scheduled for Tuesday. Rumours of the closure surfaced at around noon Tuesday, when Quebec filmmaker François Delisle reported that scheduled screenings of his films were among those cancelled. 

"It seems the Excentris is closing its doors today. Permanently, it seems. A catastrophe for movie fans and local filmmakers," Delisle wrote on his Facebook page.

The cinema also closed for several months in 2009 when Excentris founder Daniel Langlois sought to take the movie theatre into a more experimental direction.