The man who helped make it possible for organized crime to smuggle cocaine through Dorval's Trudeau airport has been sentenced to three years in prison.

Omar Riahi was one of the links in a narcotics conspiracy involving pre-stamped and pre-coded customs cards in 2005 and 2006.

Riahi had previously worked as a customs officer and was able to persuade an acquaintance at the airport to get him the cards.

The cards enabled courriers carrying a total of 256 kilograms of cocaine to go through customs without having the bags inspected.

Riahi was paid $700 for acquiring the forms. He, then, split that money with his acquaintance.

Judge Claude Millette said Wednesday that Riahi is not a career criminal and obviously didn't commit the crimes for money.

Instead Riahi wanted to help his childhood friend, Ray Kanho, according to the judge. Kanho pleaded guilty to charges of gangsterism and conspiracy to import cocaine in October.

Kanho was sentenced to 14 years for his involvement in the drug smuggling operation.

Prosecutors are studying the ruling in Riahi's case to see whether there are grounds for an appeal.