The three inmates who escaped from a Quebec City detention centre by helicopter June 7 are back in the same prison they broke out of, although they are now facing tougher security measures.

Serge Pomerleau, 49, Denis Lefebvre, 53, and 35-year-old Yves Denis appeared in court early Monday morning under heavy police guard to face new charges connected to their prison break.

Their trial on drug trafficking charges resumed immediately after their appearance.

The three men's lawyers resigned after their escape from jail, so the three are currently without legal representation.

Judge Louis Dionne, who is presiding over their drug trafficking trial, immediately revoked relaxed security measures for the inmates. 

The three will no longer be allowed in the detention centre's courtyard together. 

Pomerleau will also no longer have access to a laptop that he had been using to prepare for his trial.

The three appeared relaxed in their brief appearance before Judge Hubert Couture to face charges of prison breach and escaping lawful custody.

A smiling Pomerleau told the court that he had yet to contact a lawyer. 

Crown prosecutor Antoine Piché asked for the men to remain in custody and the brief hearing came to a conclusion. 

Suspects holed up in luxury condo

The three fugitives were caught early Sunday morning in a police raid on their hideout in a luxury condominium in Montreal’s Old Port.

The inmates escaped via helicopter from the Orsainville detention centre. Pomerleau, Lefebvre and Denis were on trial for drug trafficking at the time of their escape and are facing trial next January for murder.

The men were considered dangerous but they were arrested without a struggle at a 10th floor condominium in Montreal. 

Quebec provincial police spokesman Michel Brunet said the men were unarmed and investigators recovered close to $100,000 in cash from the condo.

"What we think — that money was supposed to be used to leave the country, buying clothes, food, and things like this," Brunet said. 

Police did not provide many details about the operation that led to their capture on Sunday and said it is possible that other arrests are possible in connection with the men’s escape.