Energy East: PQ members disagree on opposition to pipeline

There was some disagreement among Parti Québécois brass on the Energy East pipeline at the final day of the party’s general council meeting.

Péladeau says party is not totally opposed, MNAs tell a different story

Parti Québécois Leader Pierre-Karl Péladeau Péladeau told reporters his party is opposed to the pipeline project for now, but he added that may change. (Jacques Boissinot/The Canadian Press)

There was some disagreement among Parti Québécois brass on the Energy East pipeline at the final day of the party's general council meeting.

While PQ Leader Pierre Karl Péladeau told reporters that the party is not totally opposed to the project, he was contradicted moments later by MNA Sylvain Gaudreault.

"Even if it transports strawberry Nesquik, we would be against the Energy East project," Gaudreault said.

The PQ adopted a resolution last November opposing the pipeline, which would transport crude oil from Alberta to New Brunswick.

However, before Sunday's session began, Péladeau told reporters the party was not dead set on the issue.

"For now, I'll repeat that the PQ is opposed to the project. Will it oppose it forever? I can't give you a definitive answer. It's up to the party and activists to decide," he said.

TransCanada Corp.'s proposed pipeline project, which would carry 1.1 million barrels a day from Alberta through Quebec to an export terminal in Saint John, N.B. (Canadian Press)

A second resolution on Energy East was adopted on Sunday to oppose "that Quebec becomes a highway for petroleum from oil sands."

Péladeau said the project's social acceptability will be determined by the Quebec bureau of public inquiries on environmental matters (BAPE).

The bureau is examining the project and will release a report, but ultimately the pipeline is within federal jurisdiction.

With files from la Presse Canadienne


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