Students at the English Montreal School Board (EMSB) may be able to play sports or act after all.

A work-to-rule campaign is over for teachers at the EMSB as of Monday, according to a letter sent to teachers by the Montreal Teachers Association (MTA).

Quebec unions representing public sector workers struck an agreement-in-principle in December after months of stalled talks with the provincial government.

The deal has yet to be ratified but a special general assembly will be held in January.

"In the meantime, we are suspending all actions related to our negotiations, including the 32-hour work week and boycotting of extra-curricular activities. Put simply, those extra-curricular activities can resume," wrote MTA president Peter Sutherland in the email to teachers.

The decision to restart extra-curricular activities comes after months of rotating walkouts over contract negotiations.

In September, teachers at EMSB schools put a hold on extra-curricular activities to pressure Quebec over collective agreements.