A Gatineau man pleaded guilty Tuesday to impaired driving causing death in an accident that killed two teenage girls in April 2004.

Sébastien Brassard, 31, was driving home from a bar when his truck slammed into the back of a taxi van on Highway 50 in Gatineau.

The two passengers in the taxi, Vanessa McDonough, 17, and Fanny Baribeau, 16, died in the accident. They also had been drinking. But they had promised their parents they would not drive home, but take a taxi instead.

Their parents were in court Tuesday for Brassard's guilty plea.

"It's simple. Don't drink and drive, you know. A thing happens like that because of a few beers. It destroys all lives, Brassard's life and mine. Everybody's life goes because of drinking and driving," said Vanessa's father, Robert McDonough.

Brassard's lawyer, Paul Charlebois, said his client wanted to save the victims' families any more grief.

"By pleading guilty [Tuesday], I think it was the first, the major proof that he admitted his guilt. He has always felt terrible about the accident. It's a tragedy," Charlebois said.

In return for the guilty plea, Crown attorney Geneviève de Passille agreed not to proceed on other charges of reckless driving causing death, and driving under the influence.

"We [are going to] ask for jail time. But, for the time being, [we are going to] tell all that to the judge in September, after the probation officer gives us his report," de Passille said.

Brassard does not have a criminal record. He will be back in court for sentencing Sept. 13.