Debra Arbec will join Andrew Chang as the co-anchor of CBC News at 5, 5:30 and 6 in July. ((Salimah Shivji/CBC News))

Debra Arbec is leaving CTV Montreal after 13 years and joining CBC Montreal to co-anchor CBC News 5, 5:30 and 6 with Andrew Chang.

Arbec, who has been hosting CTV's evening news since 2003, will replace Jennifer Hall, who's leaving CBC for family reasons.

In an interview with CBC Daybreak host Mike Finnerty Thursday morning, Arbec talked about her reasons for switching stations.

"I just felt that I was not able to grow any longer," Arbec told Finnerty. "Every local anchor always wants the opportunity to do a supperhour show, and by virtue of the employment situation at CTV, there was not that opportunity for me anytime soon," Arbec added.

The anchor, who is from Montreal and has spent her whole working career in the city, said she is excited to join the CBC team.

"It just seemed that all the stars aligned," Arbec said.

Arbec will start her new job at the end of May, although her debut on air will be in early July.