Montreal's Southwest borough says it could take a week for things to return to normal on St-Antoine Street following the water main break on the weekend.

Borough Mayor Benoit Dorais said city workers need to dig up the broken pipe and replace it.

The main burst Saturday morning, sending a geyser of water shooting into the air.

The Montreal fire department said the 76-centimetre water main was damaged by a private contractor working in the area.

The resulting flooding was significant, and dozens of people were left without power. 

Work to repair the main continues today. Hydro-Québec and Gaz Métro also need to do repair work in the area.

Boil water advisory

A boil water advisory was issued on Saturday for a section of Saint-Henri between St-Antoine and St-Jacques streets, and between Atwater and De Courcelle streets.

Dorais acknowledged there were issues with how the boil water advisory was communicated to residents.

''Co-ordination for the response to the water main break was very well done, but the communication to the residents could have been better," he said. 

The borough mayor plans to review what happened in the coming days to see how communication can be improved. 

The boil water advisory is still in effect. The borough will let residents know Tuesday when it will be lifted.

Water main break

A view of the flooding Saturday from an apartment on St-Jacques Street. (Submitted by Rebecca Robinson)