Couillard thinks positive approach will strengthen French language

Quebec Liberal Party leader Philippe Couillard spoke with CBC Montreal's Debra Arbec live in studio about corruption, reform and language laws.

Says he is opposes PQ "coercion"

With less than a week left before Quebecers head to the polls, Liberal leader Philippe Couillard spoke with CBC Montreal's Debra Arbec on both the past and future of the party. 

Couillard addressed the province's language politics, which recently surfaced during the last leaders's debate

He says the Parti Québécois are using "coercion" to promote the French in businesses instead of helping businesses adopt the language. 

Today, Couillard said that al​though he does not have any plans to change Bill 101, he described the 2013 "Pastagate" incident involving the Office québécois de la langue française (OQLF) as "ridiculous." 

"It was not good for Quebec’s image, obviously, abroad and it should not happen again," said Couillard.

"We want to engage people in french and the promotion of French in a positive way"