A Quebec coroner is probing the 2008 drowning death of a teenaged boy who died near a river junction that his family says still presents real risks for swimmers.

Andrew Selby was 16 when he drowned in the Rivière Rouge, in an area where the body of water meets the Mullen River in the Upper Laurentians.


Andrew was 16 when he drowned. (CBC)

He died while playing boomerang with his brother in shallow waters at the river's edge on Saturday July 12, 2008.

Selby was swept in by moving sands and a strong current after he ventured further into the water.

His brother Michael jumped in to try to save him, and nearly died himself. Police divers retrieved Andrew's body 24 hours later.

Quebec coroner Luc Malouin is leading the three-day inquiry at the Laval courthouse, where he has heard from witnesses who will help review the cause and circumstances of Andrew's death.


Andrew's father Richard says he wants better safety precautions put in place along the river. (CBC)

His family holds the nearby Rivière-Rouge municipality partially responsible for the drowning, and says it's a matter of time before there's another tragedy.

Selby is the fourth person to drown in the area in the last decade.

His family has launched a $1,000,000 lawsuit against the town, seeking damages for the boy's death.

The coroner's inquest wraps on Friday.

It could take months before a report and recommendations are released.