Construction strike negotiations suspended temporarily

Negotiations were temporarily suspended on the seventh day of a province-wide construction strike in Quebec.

Non-unionized traffic signallers left out in the cold by province-wide strike

Strike forces non-unionized workers to survive without pay 0:43

Negotiations were temporarily suspended on the seventh day of a province-wide construction strike in Quebec.

Talks resumed on Sunday morning before being suspended later in the afternoon.

Eric Côté, the spokesman for the Quebec construction association, said the conciliator had asked the construction industry to take a temporary break to consider certain issues on the table.

Talks were expected to resume after a short break.

Non-unionized workers wait without pay

Projects across the province are at a standstill, and that has left some people who aren’t employed by the unions without work or pay.

Traffic signaller Sophie Remillard said all she wants is to get back to work. As a non-unionized employee, Remillard has been left waiting without pay.

"What about us?" she said. "They think about who builds Quebec, but … we’re part of that."

Remillard said she doesn’t know how she will cope without her paycheque if the strikes continue into a second week.

"Bills still got to be paid," she said. "We’re all paralyzed."

As Remillard and her colleagues wait on the sidelines, Premier Pauline Marois said she will consider back-to-work legislation if the labour dispute isn’t resolved next week.