Concordia University says an inquiry into a riot that broke out at the school shows it made mistakes.

The violent demonstrations led to the cancellation of a speech by former Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Eleven people still face charges related to the violent demonstrations in September after rioters broke windows of a Concordia building and allegedly assaulted police officers.

Police finally used pepper spray to subdue the crowd.

Wrong place, wrong time

In the presentation of the report, Concordia Rector Frederick Lowy says they now believe they made some mistakes.

"We should not have held the event in the Hall building on that day during the first week of classes, and attempt to keep the building open at the same time," Lowy says.

In order to prevent similar demonstrations in the future, Lowy says the university will take new measures.

"We will rapidly establish and publicize clear guidelines for what constitutes crossing the line with respect to public exploration and discussion of issues on the campus," Lowy says.

He also says the university will establish guidelines for putting up posters and other information, as well as a monitoring system to make sure the rules are obeyed.

Lowy says specific details of these measures will be available in a few weeks.