Westmount Mayor Peter Trent will do everything in his power to stop Canada Post's community mailboxes, including denying permits for their installation on his turf.

Trent told CBC News that the Conservative government's decision to cut Canada Post's door-to-door delivery service was "improvised." 

"I would like to try to stop this very retrograde idea of simply requiring people to go and collect their own mail," Trent told CBC News.

Not only is the move unfair to elderly people and people with limited mobility, Trent said, but it's also not very environmentally friendly.

He said people who are inclined to drive everywhere will now drive to collect their mail. He said having one or several letter carriers delivering the mail is far more ecological.

Trent also said that removing door-to-door delivery in densely populated areas doesn't make a lot of sense.

Trent called on the federal Liberals to make a campaign promise to reverse the stop to door-to-door delivery in the 2015 election.