Coderre’s party files police complaint after vandalism act

Montreal mayoralty candidate Denis Coderre's party has filed a police complaint, after a building housing its campaign office in Rosemont was the target of vandalism.
The windows in the building housing Denis Coderre's Rosemont campaign office were smashed and walls were spray-painted with graffiti. (Alain Beland, Radio-Canada)

Montreal mayoralty candidate Denis Coderre's party has filed a police complaint, after a building housing its campaign office in Rosemontwas the target of vandalism.

The windows at the front entrance were smashed, and the walls of the building -- which is situated at the corner of Saint-Michel and Rosemont boulevards -- were spray-painted with graffiti.

The offices are the headquarters of one of Coderre’s candidates, Françoise Stanton.

There were no messages left behind, and none of the graffiti indicates that the act specifically targeted mayoral candidate Denis Coderre or his party.

But according to Coderre, the vandalism was not a random act. Coderre pointed out that none of the neighbouring businesses were targeted, and no other office within the building was damaged.

On his Twitter feed, Coderre wrote that all acts of vandalism during an election campaign are unacceptable and that his team will not give in to intimidation.

Two adversaries of Coderre’s team in Rosemont — François Croteau of Projet Montréal and Simon Jolivet of Coalition Montréal — also condemned the act.


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