City spends $2.5 million a year on pothole repairs

City crews are heading the streets for a third time this year to begin patching up to 50,000 potholes on Montreal roads.
The city spends over $2.5 million to repair tens of thousands of potholes a year. 2:22

For the third time this winter, city crews are heading to the streets to begin patching the thousands of holes in Montreal's roads.

As drivers weave around the numerous bumps and gaps, the City of Montreal estimates there could be up to 50,000 potholes in need of repair on the island.

The perpetual repairs cost the City an estimated $2.5 million annually.

On Wednesday, one driver said dodging the potholes was like being in a Nascar race.

Richard Davis, a cab driver of 17 years, is accustomed to navigating Montreal’s roads.

"It depends on the construction of the pothole," he said. "If you hit a pothole that has got a high edge on it and you hit it hard, then you know it can cost you $1,000."

Engineer Hussein Farhat said reducing the appearance of potholes on the road is possible — through better road maintenance.

He said patching the roads is an emergency measure and not a permanent solution.

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