A proposed alternative to the Chicago Blackhawks' logo shared online has the support of Quebec's top First Nations chief.

Ghislain Picard, the head of the Assembly of First Nations of Quebec and Labrador, says he would support the change of NHL hockey team's logo.

The team's current design features the face-painted, feather-topped head of an aboriginal warrior.

Mike Ivall, a Toronto-based Ojibwa artist, came up with an alternative that features a bird – the actual black hawk –  instead. 

A Facebook post of the logo posted by Winnipeg radio hosts Tom and Larry has been shared 18,000 times.

Picard said changing the logo is a question of respect.

"If there's consideration for what we think and what we would like to see, then sure," he said.

Picard also says the Blackhawks' logo is just as offensive as the logo of NFL team Washington Redskins, even if it has not gotten as much attention.