A Longueuil father will go to trial for manslaughter in the death of his 13-year-old daughter last October.

Nouténé Sidime died three days after her father, Moussa Sidime, 72, hit her twice.

Sidime was originally charged with aggravated assault because the 13-year-old’s body showed no evidence of violence.


Moussa Sidime appeared in court Wednesday. (CBC)

On Wednesday, a pathologist testified in a Longueuil courtroom that those two slaps likely led to her death.

"We changed the accusation for manslaughter since we received the pathologist's report," said Crown prosecutor, Julie Beauchesne.

The pathologist told the court when Sidime slapped his daughter, it likely led to internal bleeding and, ultimately, death.

Sidime has pleaded not guilty.

His lawyer, Marie-Josée Duhaime, said her client admitted to slapping his daughter.

"We're not talking a punch or anything, [but]

two open-hand slaps in the face, on this cheek, one on the other cheek, because she wouldn't do the chore of the kitchen correct, that's all," she said outside court.

Whatever the outcome of the trial, she said, Sidime is already serving a life sentence because he's lost his youngest child.

He will return to court in November