Charest makes minor cabinet shuffle

Quebec Premier Jean Charest announces a minor cabinet shuffle in part to deal with the death of a former cabinet minister.

Quebec Premier Jean Charest announced a minor cabinet shuffle Thursday, in part to deal with the death of a former cabinet minister.

Jacques-Cartier MNA Geoffrey Kelley becomes minister responsible for Native Affairs, returning to cabinet after a four-year absence.

Quebec Premier Jean Charest's shuffle was partially due to the September death of former cabinet minister Claude Béchard.

Pierre Corbeil, member for Abitibi-Est, moves from Native Affairs to Agriculture.

Pierre Moreau, member for Châteauguay, gets the Intergovernmental Affairs dossier, while Soulanges MNA Lucie Charlebois takes over Moreau's former duties as party whip.

Alain Paquet is the new junior Finance minister.

Most of the new ministers are from the Montreal region, a point criticized by the opposition Action démocratique du Québec.

The shuffle was partially in response to  the September death of Claude Béchard, who had been minister of Agriculture and minister of Intergovernmental Affairs.

Since Béchard's death, Municipal Affairs Minister Laurent Lessard and Natural Resources Minister Nathalie Normandeau  had carried out Béchard's former duties while keeping their own.