Acclaimed investigative reporter André Noël will be joining the Charbonneau commission to help the inquiry dig through facts as it tries to break down corruption activity within the construction industry.

Noël, formerly a La Presse reporter in Montreal, said his work in journalism inspired him to take on the role.

"Sometimes, I had the impression that we can go further and that the commission of the inquiry has the power to go further. They can oblige people to testify and I have a great confidence in the head of the commission," he said.

Noël has written many investigative articles looking into corruption in Quebec's construction industry. He also co-authored a book titled "Mafia Inc.," where he examined the connections between organized crime, legitimate business and the government.

Jacques Duchesneau, former head of the province's anti-collusion unit and witness at the commission, made claims that the Quebec provincial political parties have raised 70 per cent of their cash illegally.

Hearings will restart on Sept. 17.