The construction of the new Champlain Bridge progressed one more notch this morning.

Crews did a second pouring of concrete on the 38 footings that will form the base of the bridge underwater.

The first pouring was done in mid-December.

In the spring, the footings — which measure 11 metres wide, 11 metres long, and 2 metres deep — will be placed at the bottom of the St. Lawrence River.

The consortium of engineering and construction companies working on the bridge said the mild winter has been a big help.

"We're very lucky this year. We've been able to work right through the winter. We're taking full advantage of that," said Daniel Genest, a spokesman for the Signature on the Saint-Laurent Consortium.

champlain bridge footing

Each footing measures 11 x 11 x 2 metres. They will be placed at the bottom of the river when done. (Radio-Canada)

"We're well positioned to start major construction work in the April-May time frame."

Genest says the $4-billion project is on track to be ready for December 2018.