Every time I think the Do Crew has had its best outing yet, it gets better. 

Hundreds of people from Little Burgundy flocked to the Tyndale St Georges Community Centre's annual barbecue on Friday.

It was a warm, blue-skied afternoon perfectly fitting for a big outdoor get-together.

The Do Crew was there to help with cooking, serving, face-painting, leading games in the gym for the kids and helping with all levels of clean-up.  

We were warmly received by the people at the community centre.

There is always a good feeling that comes with helping someone, but the friendly smiles and mood certainly added to the satisfaction of being involved in this event.

Thanks to Fernando, Patricia, Wendy, Malcolm, Audley, Michele, Mary, Pilar, Nazareth and Jean for making the trip out to our very special one-year anniversary event.

I hope you all enjoyed yourselves as much as you seemed to. I certainly did.