Cartoonist Claude Robinson argued that Cinar stole his character Robinson Curiosité.

Montreal cartoonist Claude Robinson's decades-long fight for control of one of his characters is not over yet.

Last month, a judge awarded Robinson $5 million in damages, in addition to all rights to his character Robinson Curiosité

The judge ruled that former animation company Cinar and its partners stole Robinson's character.

Robinson's pitch to Cinar for a cartoon series in 1986 was rejected, but 10 years later the company produced an animated series based on a similar character called Robinson Sucroé.

The program aired in more than 100 countries.

Robinson sued, and won.

Now, however, some of the co-defendants in the case have served notice of their intent to appeal the verdict.

They include France Animation, Christophe Izard — the executive producer of the Robinson Sucroé program — and film company Ravensburger.

The other defendants have until Sept. 28 to file an appeal.

Robinson declined to comment on the situation.