When it comes to televised debates I trust my gut-meter. And my gut-meter tells me this debate hurt Pauline Marois.

She was challenged by Françoise David, destabilized by Liberal Leader Jean Charest, and unable to discredit François Legault of the CAQ.

Considering where the Liberals are in the polls that's all good news for Legault.

David, the co-spokesperson of Québec Solidaire, came off as the most likeable candidate. She showed left-leaning, and sovereigntist voters that for them her party is a credible alternative to the PQ.

That will take votes away from the PQ across the province and help David win her race in Gouin against PQ star MNA Nicolas Girard.

Charest appeared to destabilize Marois on issues of integrity by referring to the 2006 Moisan report which showed the PQ illegally accepted more than $96,000 from Jean Brault, who was convicted of fraud after the Gomery Inquiry.

Charest even managed to put Marois on the defensive by reminding Quebecers that she was the health minister when the PQ forced doctors and nurses into retirement to balance the budget.

Neither Charest or Marois were able to discredit Legault's "No" referendum option.

It usually takes a few days for the real effect of a debate to be gauged in polls.

But you can expect that after this performance support for the CAQ will likely continue to grow.