The Canadian Space Agency unveiled two new, lighter rovers today that will allow it to participate in more missions because of streamlined design and lower price tag.

The head of robotics at the CSA, Erick Dupuis, said that to help them take part in more missions, the Canadian Space Agency asked that these rovers have a simpler design.

"The intent was to have something that would allow us to participate in a mission at a reduced cost as much as possible."

According to the company contracted to develop the rovers, Ontario Drive & Gear, these new models are between $40,000 and about $150,000.

Weighing about 100 kilograms each, the new rovers are not only lighter than older generation models but they also have a simpler design overall while still being able to handle the tough conditions on the moon.

Emulating moon-like conditions meant spraying them with moondust in a thermal vacuum chamber while exposing them to temperatures of -170 C and 130 C.