A Longueuil, Que., police officer is using skateboard diplomacy to build bridges between the city's police service and local teens.

Thierry Hinse-Fillion is Canada's first skateboarding cop.

"Making a living skateboarding is a dream. So is becoming a police officer," Hinse-Fillion told CBC News.

"If this can become a trend and other departments follow, another one of my dreams would come true."

The skateboarding cop hopes by meeting kids on their own turf he'll build trust with the teenagers he encounters.

High school drop-out

Hinse-Filion can relate to teens at the skate park.

He took up skateboarding when he was young, dropping out of high school when he was 15 before eventually turning his life around.

Now Hinse-Fillion hits the skatepark with his badge, gun, a helmet and his board.

skateboarding cop

Thierry Hinse-Fillion said kids often freeze when they spot him doing tricks, unable to compute what they're seeing. (Simon Nakonechny/CBC)

The officer said other skateboarders often don't understand what's going on when they see him doing tricks on his skateboard. 

"I do two or three tricks, and they're like, 'OK, you can skate, even though you're a cop.' And I've already made a contact just by doing that," Hinse-Fillion said.

Parents appreciate his presence at the local hangout.

"As a mother, we don't really like our kids coming in this kind of place so I think it's going to be safer," said Celyne Purcell.

with files from CBC's Simon Nakonechny