Canada Post says it will take steps to fix locks on some community mailboxes in Saguenay after residents could not access their mail because they were frozen shut.

Some residents in the area say they have been unable to collect their mail since Christmas.

Catherine Massey is one of the residents affected.

"Three calls to Canada Post, and still nothing has been done," she said.

Other residents posted comments to Radio-Canada Saguenay's Facebook page, saying they are also frustrated with the mailboxes.

Audrey Tremblay wrote: "My lock is still frozen. I haven't been able to get my mail in three weeks because of that."

Canada Post spokesperson Anick Losier acknowledged that the corporation has received complaints from residents.

"We've had some unusual weather in Saguenay in December where it created this perfect mix of cold and warm, with humidity inside the locks," she told CBC's Quebec AM.

"We are putting some lubricant in it, and those that cannot be repaired, we are changing the locks entirely."

Losier says the same community mailboxes have been in use in Winnipeg for a year, where the weather is quite cold, and Canada Post never had an issue with them.