Côté coalition asks wrong people for donations

People who say they've never given out personal information to Marcel Côté's municipal election campaign have been asked to donate money in emails sent to personal accounts.

Campaign donation request emails sent to Montreal non-residents, rival candidates

Some people who have received donation solicitations from Marcel Coté's coalition say they can't legally give money to Montreal candidates. (CBC)

People who say they've never given out personal information to Marcel Côté's municipal election campaign have been asked to donate money in emails sent to their personal accounts. 

Some recipients say they can't even vote in Montreal, and at least one person is actually running in a rival campaign against Côté.

Dorval resident Joshua Arless said he was surprised to receive an email asking him to contribute to Marcel Côté's campaign for mayor because provincial law says he cannot donate to Montreal candidates while living in a different city.

“Legally speaking, I'm not allowed to donate in Montreal,” said Arless.

"Why are they wasting their time and energy in asking me for money?"

Christian Arseneault is a Projet Montréal council candidate in N.D.G. and said he's received two of these emails from the Côté camp.

"That's what makes it so funny if it weren't so sad,” said Arsenault.

“You know, someone's clearly not doing their job properly.”

Both Arless and Arseneault are associated with the provincial Liberal Party, which said it has not provided any email addresses to any parties.

Côté coalition candidate Louise Harel said the team has been using a lot of lists to solicit donations but does not believe it would have used contacts from the Quebec Liberal Party.

"I don’t think that we would have used provincial party lists,” said Harel.

Harel also said the coalition knows donations from outside Montreal are illegal and would never accept them.


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