Burgundy Lion gets OQLF warning over TripAdvisor sticker on front window

A British-style pub in Little Burgundy has received a warning letter from Quebec's language watchdog about the English-only TripAdvisor sticker in its front window.

Owner forgot sticker size of beer coaster was there when he got OQLF's letter

Pub Burgundy Lion is a British-style pub in Little Burgundy. The Trip Advisor sticker is on the bottom corner of the front window. (Toby Lyle/Facebook)

A British-style pub in Little Burgundy has received a letter from Quebec's language watchdog about some troubling English signage on its front window.

However, the problem the Office québécoise de la langue française (OQLF) has with the Pub Burgundy Lion isn't its name.

It's a sticker the size of a beer coaster that says the bar was reviewed by the website TripAdvisor.

"I'll be honest with you. When I got the letter, I couldn't remember putting [the sticker] up. I actually had to go outside and find the sticker," Toby Lyle, co-owner of the Burgundy Lion, told Montreal's Daybreak.

French stickers exist, OQLF says

Lyle said the letter he received is vague, saying only that he contravened a law and that future action may be taken.

A spokesman for the OQLF said the letter is only for information purposes, and there are no penalties involved. The agency's goal, Jean-Pierre Le Blanc said, is to let business owners know that French-language versions of such promotional stickers exist.

"This is one of about 300 to 400 letters we sent this month to businesses," said Le Blanc. "It's not an investigation. It's not a complaint. It's an incentive."

Le Blanc said the OQLF contacts the companies that produce the stickers to see if they make French versions. TripAdvisor offers its stickers in nearly 30 languages.

Lyle said said he's going to leave the sticker in place.

"We're proud of it. TripAdvisor is an international website," Lyle said.

Other controversial interventions by the OQLF


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