A lift at the Bromont ski hill will be out of operation for the rest of the season after being heavily damaged in a fire Wednesday evening.

The fire damaged the operator's post and the electronic controls at the No. 5 lift near Huntington Road.

The hill was closed at the time due to poor weather and nobody was injured in the incident.

It took a passerby to notice the flames and call the local fire department.

Firefighters had to wait 20 minutes before tackling the flames so Hydro-Québec could cut the 600 volt current that powers the lift.

"The safety of our firefighters comes first," Bromont fire services director Hugo Brière told Radio-Canada.

Fire officials suspect an electrical problem might have caused the fire, but their investigation continues.

Carole-Anne Ménard, marketing director for Ski Bromont, said the fire comes at a time when business is already down about 12 per cent due to the warm weather.

The fire, however, shouldn't have a significant impact on the ski hill's operations — another quad chair right beside the damaged lift is still in operation, so skiers still have access to all the runs.

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