Brief storm blasts Montreal

A brief but powerful thunderstorm flooded streets and basements and even knocked down trees in Montreal Monday afternoon.
Workers remove a fallen tree from Papineau Street in Montreal shortly after a brief storm knocked it onto a car. (CBC/Elias Abboud)

A brief but powerful thunderstorm caused minor flash flooding, power outages, and even knocked down trees in Montreal Monday afternoon.

About 12 millimetres of rain hit central and eastern parts of the city in less than half an hour, in the middle of an otherwise sunny day.

A manhole cover is blown off the street by overflowing sewer water. ((CBC))
Hydro-Québec said the afternoon rain flash knocked out power to 700 homes on the island of Montreal.

A tree fell on two cars driving down Papineau Street, blocking traffic but causing no injuries.

The driver of the most heavily damaged car, Stéphane Gagnon, said he never saw it coming.

It took eight emergency workers to remove the tree, which was causing traffic problems for drivers looking to cross the Jacques-Cartier Bridge.

Workers remove the tree from Stéphane Gagnon's car on Papineau Street. ((CBC))
Elsewhere in the city, overflowing sewers caused manhole covers to burst.

There were also reports of basements flooding, cars trapped in flooded underpasses and debris on sidewalks.

Yesterday, a storm cut across Quebec and Ontario, knocking out power to tens of thousands of people.