Breaking down Quebec's doctor premiums

Take a look at how Quebec's premiums for family doctors who accept patients from the wait list works.

Letter of Agreement 245 sets out rules and rates for wait list bonuses

Education Minister Yves Bolduc has stepped in to try to resolve a land dispute between French and English-language school boards in Repentigny. (CBC)

Education Minister Yves Bolduc has been under fire since it was revealed earlier this week that he claimed $215,000 in premiums for taking on new patients while he was a sitting member of the Opposition. 

Eighteen months later, Bolduc abandoned the 1,500 patients he accepted while the Liberals sat in the opposition benches.

As a general practitioner, Bolduc was entitled to claim the premiums under the Letter of Agreement 245, which outlines the details and premium rates for doctors in Quebec working in private practice and in CLSCs. 

Doctors can claim between $100 and $250 per patient they accept from the wait list of patients without family doctors. 

Take a look at the graphic to learn more about Quebec's patient premium agreement.