Students at Bialik High School in Côte St. Luc got to spend some time at school doing something a little bit differently.

Secondary 1 and 2 students played a game of basketball — in wheelchairs.

"It's extremely hard on your arms," says Lewis Brandman, one of the school's better basketball players.

"I thought it would be a more simple gesture, moving the chair forward and shooting, but it was a little difficult."

The students were shown the ropes by some pros, such as Kadidia Nikiema, a Paralympian from Burkina Faso who hopes to compete for Canada.

Kadidia Nikiema

“I forget I’m handicapped. It’s others who see me as being handicapped," says Kadidia Nikiema, who hopes to make Canada's Paralympic team. (CBC)

Nikiema volunteers with the Centre d'Intégration à la vie active (CIVA), an organization that works to help people with physical disabilities integrate into society and maintain active lifestyles.

"I forget I'm handicapped. It's others who see me as being handicapped," Nikiema says.

Students say the experience gave them a new appreciation of the challenges others face.