Benoit Roberge

Benoit Roberge retired from the Montreal police force in August 2013 and worked for Revenue Quebec until his arrest in October. (Radio-Canada)

Benoit Roberge, a former Montreal sergeant-detective accused of selling sensitive police information to the Hells Angels, waived his right to a bail hearing Wednesday morning.

Roberge will remain in custody until at least Jan. 23, which is when he will be back in court to find out the date of his preliminary hearing. 

His bail hearing had previously been delayed several times after he changed lawyers. 

His current lawyer, Richard Perras, said Roberge wants to wait for evidence to be presented at his preliminary hearing that may help bolster a future appeal for bail.

The former Montreal police officer was arrested Oct. 5 and is facing four charges relating to an investigation conducted between 2010 and 2013:

  • Two counts of gangsterism.
  • One count of obstruction of justice.
  • One count of breach of trust.

Over the course of his career with the Montreal police force, Roberge testified as an expert witness in a number of cases involving members of biker gangs.

He retired from the force in August and was subsequently employed by Revenue Quebec. However, he was fired from Revenue Quebec in the days following his arrest.

Perras said special measures are being taken by corrections officials at the jail where Roberge is being held to protect him from people he may have assisted in putting behind bars during his time as a police officer.

Roberge has no prior criminal record.