The judge at one of the Hells Angels mega trials say some defence lawyers have conducted themselves in a manner unbecoming members of the bar.

Mr. Justice Pierre Béliveau of the Quebec Superior Court makes the comments in rulings over the last few months that haven't been made public until now.

The first round of comments came three months ago when defence lawyers told judge Beliveau he was biased and should step down.

One lawyer told him...not matter which way you rule this trial is not going to be a cake-walk....because the defence is not going to roll over for the prosecutors, for the reporters or for the judiciary.

Beliveau says defence lawyers have raised issues...from legal fees to parking rights at the Gouin courthouse.

They argued assigned parking spots wwere part of their clients' right to a fair trial.

Beliveau says defence lawyers have engaged in lengthy and futile cross-examinations, raised issues of dubious legal merit and have been antagonistic toward the prosecution, reporters, the police and even himself.

He says he's sometimes warned a single lawyer ten times about their conduct.

Beliveau says the trial which he first believed would take six months now will last at least a year. He says defence lawyers who promised last summer not to challenge every piece of evidence are now doing exactly that.