Mark Carney, governor of the Bank of Canada, was attending a meeting in Montreal when a bag was stolen from his car. ((Sean Kilpatrick/Canadian Press))

RCMP officers in Montreal have recovered a travel bag stolen from Bank of Canada governor Mark Carney's vehicle earlier this month.

Investigators are going through the bag to determine if the classified papers are in order, according to an RCMP spokesman.

"We recovered the suitcase, and it is in the possession of the RCMP in Montreal," said Cpl. Luc Thibault.

According to published reports, Carney had been attending a meeting in downtown Montreal on Nov. 1 when the vehicle's window was smashed and the bag was taken.

A chauffeur was supposed to be keeping watch over the vehicle.

A Bank of Canada official said the stolen documents had differing levels of security classification, and were primarily staff reports and briefing notes.

'We recovered the suitcase, and it is in the possession of the RCMP in Montreal.' — Cpl. Luc Thibault, RCMP spokesman

None of the documents was related to sensitive policy areas such as the direction of interest rates, according to reports.

The RCMP's integrated national security enforcement team located the bag, said Thibault.

He would not elaborate on when or where the bag was recovered.

The police won't say if any anyone has been arrested.