Immacula Eugène, a 51-year-old caregiver who worked at a long-term health care facility on Montreal’s South Shore, was released on bail Tuesday with several conditions.

Her bail was set at $15,000, and Eugène is forbidden from working in any hospital or health-care facility.

Guilty plea

Eugène pleaded guilty on Monday to a series of charges, including administering noxious products to two patients, and assaulting at least four others.

The events took place last July at the CHSLD St-Lambert-sur-Le-Golf —a public-private partnership that is run by Groupe Savoie, which operates several other private residences.

Eugène also admitted she stole drugs from a patient in another clinic where she worked, and uttered death threats against a former colleague.

Eugène is scheduled to be back in court, for sentencing, on July 16.

Co-accused awaits trial

Eugène’s former co-worker Marie-Margaret Pétimé, 46, also faces charges in the case.

Pétimé pleaded not guilty, and was released last December while awaiting trial.

Police are still investigating to find out whether the death of an 87-year-old resident who was staying at the facility has a connection with the alleged abuse.