Two Montreal police officers, a cab driver and a concerned husband all helped a woman deliver a baby in the back seat of a taxi early Friday morning.

The officers were on their regular patrol driving around in Notre-Dame-de-Grâce, when the driver of the taxi in front of them frantically waved them down.

They first assumed the taxi driver was having a dispute with a passenger and that they'd have to intervene.

But it turned out to be a different kind of emergency altogether.

'I was really happy. I felt like a lucky man.' - Touwende Sawadego, new father

"It's pretty surprising when you approach the vehicle, and you expect to resolve an [argument] and then see a baby coming out," said Const. Raphael Bergeron of Montreal police.

Cab driver Tousfay Berekatab was behind the wheel of the car that picked up the couple, Amazi-Florence​ and Touwende Sawadego.

He found them at the corner of Sherbrooke Street West and Cavendish Boulevard around 1 a.m. Friday. The couple asked him to head to St. Mary's Hospital.

"Once I got to the highway she started having big pain and then she shouted, and then I had to get off at exit Queen-Mary," Berekatab said.

By that point, baby boy Berekia had already emerged from his mother's womb. Berekatab helped Sawadego hold the baby and swaddle it in napkins.

"It was a nice moment. We didn’t panic because as soon as he get out he was crying. He is a nice baby with good health," said Berekatab.

Both infant and mother are in good condition and are resting in hospital.

"I was really happy. I felt like a lucky man. The police told me, 'Vous êtes privilégié'... A privileged person. I feel like that," said father Sawadego.