More than 100 Canadian Forces engineers have been working around the clock building a new temporary bridge on Île-Verte, to restore road access to part of the island, after the regular bridge was heavily damaged by flooding.

Île-Verte, an island that is part of Laval, has been experiencing major flooding and dozens of residents have had to evacuate.

Residents on the eastern part of the island have only been able to access the rest of Île-Verte by boat since the water levels in the small creek rose to cover the roadway.

Resident Margaret Molitor told CBC that she's been stuck on the island for more than a week.

"You feel like a prisoner, you can't go anywhere except up and down the street," she said.

army builds bride laval

The temporary bridge can hold the weight of a standard fire truck but it will not be accessible to pedestrians. (Radio-Canada/Bahador Zabihiyan)

This model of temporary bridge is most often used by the Canadian Forces in conflict zones where soldiers are separated from enemy combatants by terrain.

The 50-metre-long structure can bear the weight of a fire truck, but it will not be accessible to pedestrians.

Work on the bridge started Friday and wrapped up Sunday morning, with the army starting on the next phase of the operation—building access ramps on and off the structure.

"Because we are able to coordinate all the manpower and equipment and work 24/7, we're able to do it much faster," said Maj. Frank Maloney.

ile verte bridge

The 50-metre bridge is being constructed on land and will then be pushed over the Rivière-des-Prairies. (Melissa Francois/Radio-Canada)

As water levels begin to stabilize, the state of emergency in Montreal has been lifted and some residents are returning to their homes.

Quebec Public Security Minister Martin Coiteux cautioned that it will be a slow process for residents to return home and take stock while flooding is still underway.

"We're still in this for a number of weeks because even if the water levels recede, they are still high and will remain high for a while," said Coiteux.

ile verte bridge flooding

The regular Île Verte access is completely submerged and authorities are concerned about what state it will be in once cleared of water. (Melissa Francois/Radio-Canada)

With files from Simon Nakonechny