Jodie Richardson is passionate about helping people with eating disorders and body image issues. She has dedicated over 12 years of her career as a psychologist working with clients in this field.

"I became more and more interested in how pervasive body image issues are and how maybe misunderstood they are, in terms of feeling," she said.

"People sort of treat them like they are a surface level problem when really, they affect people so significantly."

Richardson decided she wanted to do more than work on these issues through traditional therapy and get up off the chair and try and new approach.

She teamed up with yoga instructor Nicole Jones to develop a mindfulness yoga program. The goal is to create a safe space to do yoga without judgement and help people connect in a more positive way to their bodies.

During the yoga classes, Richardson and Jones integrate much of what is discussed in therapy with movement and give participants a chance to discuss what feelings may arise.

They also give tools on how to deal with these emotions that come up in day to day life.

Next week is Eating Disorder Awareness Week and there is a free session of mindfulness yoga on Feb. 2 at the Lululemon store in Westmount.

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