For an older generation of men who relied on their wives to cook, preparing a meal can be difficult. A Montreal Alzheimer's support group has an answer: it's offering cooking classes for men.

Don Badke and his wife used to split the work in the kitchen, but now he's learning to do it on his own. His wife has dementia, and now it's fallen to him to take care of her.

"She eats almost everything I cook, and seems to enjoy it," Badke says as he prepares a lemon chicken and Caprese salad.

Badke is part of a small group of Montreal men who are taking an eight week cooking course. 

They meet each week at their local Provigo grocery store, where they learn to shop for healthy ingredients, prepare and cook balanced meals.

The course is organized by Alzheimer Groupe — a Montreal not-for-profit that helps people affected by Alzheimer's, including caregivers and those who've lost a loved one.

While all of the students already know how to cook a basic meal, or at least grill something on the barbecue, the course helps them broaden their culinary skills, and connect with people who know what it's like to lose a loved one. 

Howie Dearlove loves to keep everyone laughing, but he's struggling with his own loss after the death of his wife.

"I'm just trying to adjust these things to myself. You know, you live alone, it's a little more difficult," he said.