Julio Cesar Tolentino Munoz

Julio Cesar Tolentino Munoz, 34, is facing three charges of voyeurism. He was arrested this week for allegedly watching women use the bathroom at several West Island clothing stores. (SPVM)

A man accused of peeping at women as they used the bathroom in several West Island clothing stores has been arrested and charged with three counts of voyeurism.

According to police, 34-year-old Julio Cesar Tolentino Munoz allegedly frequented large clothing stores in Kirkland and Pointe-Claire.

Const. Danny Richer said at least one woman reported having her picture taken while using the bathroom.

Richer said police suspect Tolentino Munoz may be involved in additional cases. Montreal police are asking anyone who may have been a victim of voyeurism to contact them by calling 911 or by going to their local police station.