After woman goes public, Montreal police arrest man accused of posting her personal info in escort ads

Montreal police have arrested a man they believe is responsible for posting a woman’s personal information in three online ads for an escort in late August.

CBC News broke story of Melissa, whose address, phone number and name were posted in online ads

A man has been arrested for posting the personal information of a Montreal woman in three online ads soliciting sex. (Sylvain Charest/CBC )

Montreal police have arrested a man they believe is responsible for posting a woman's personal information in three online ads for an escort in late August.

CBC News first reported the story of Melissa, a Montreal woman whose personal information was posted in three escort ads without her consent or knowledge.

Melissa is not her real name. Her identity is being protected because she is concerned the situation could escalate if her name is published.

Her phone number, address, photo and real name were posted in the ads, which advertised free "kinky" sex.

Shortly afterward, she received a number of text messages requesting sex. A strange man knocked on her apartment door, prompting her to move out of her home immediately.

Police obtained warrant

Melissa said when she went to police, they told her they wouldn't be able to do anything unless they got a warrant, and they were unlikely to be able to get one.

After she went public with her story, police succeeded in obtaining a warrant to investigate further. Police say a suspect was arrested late last week and released on the condition he'll appear in court to be formally charged.

It's unclear what charge or charges he'll face. Police say he is expected to appear in court in the next few days to be formally charged.