The Action démocratique du Québec party (ADQ) is confirming its interest in forming a partnership with François Legault's new political party.

In a letter to his members released Monday night, ADQ leader Gérard Deltell writes he will start formal talks with Legault's Coalition for Quebec's Future (CAQ) after the party is officially launched on Nov. 14.

Deltell said his party and Legault have already had informal talks to see whether the two right-of-centre parties agree on policy.

Deltell will enter into formal discussions with Legault to see "if an alliance is possible based on shared ideas" between the two parties.

But in the letter, Deltell insisted the ADQ will not simply be swallowed up by the new group.

He said if the ideas of both parties are not in line, the ADQ will run candidates under its own banner and platform when the next provincial elections are called.

The party currently has four sitting MNAs.

The ADQ's executive will meet in early 2012 for an update on how the talks are going.

A spokesman with the CAQ said the party welcomes the discussions.