Accused PQ rally shooter to undergo psychiatric evaluation

Richard Henry Bain appeared briefly in a Montreal courtroom yesterday, launching into a lengthy diatribe about being sent on a mission by Jesus Christ to rid Quebec of a separatist problem.

Richard Henry Bain faces 16 charges

Man charged with election night shooting claims to be 'Christian soldier' 2:37

The accused Quebec election night shooter will undergo psychiatric evaluation to learn whether he is fit to stand trial.

Yesterday Richard Henry Bain told a Montreal courtroom that he was given a vision by Jesus Christ that involved dealing with what he called the "national separatist problem."

The fishing-lodge owner faces 16 charges, including first-degree murder; three counts of attempted murder; arson; and a number of weapons charges stemming from the shooting at the Metropolis theatre on the night of the last provincial election.

Two people were shot and one was killed on the Sept. 4 incident.

His legal-aid laywer, Elfriede Duclervil, told reporters that it has been impossible to prepare a defense for Bain.

When Duclervil asked Bain whether he understands that he is accused of first degree murder, Bain said that he does understand, and that Christian soldiers don't murder.

He told the court that he was given a vision "for the peace and harmony for all Canadians" by his Lord and Savior.

"I am a Christian soldier and we Canadians shall never surrender to fight the evil separatists," he said, adding "God bless you all."

The judge hearing the case agreed a psychiatric evaluation was necessary in order to determine Bain's  fitness to stand trial.

The deceased, Denis Blanchette, a 48-year-old stagehand at the PQ's victory rally, was shot outside Montreal's Metropolis concert hall.

Premier Pauline Marois told a television show earlier this week she believes she may have been the target of a political assassination attempt on election night.

The premier had previously said little about the Sept. 4 events

Bain is due back in court on Dec. 17.

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