The man accused in the election-night shooting at the Métropolis night club will continue to represent himself in court.

Richard Bain, 62, recently lost his court-appointed lawyer because he does not qualify for legal aid.

Bain is charged with 16 offences, including first-degree murder and arson, in connection with the Sept. 4 shooting and fire at the nightclub that left one man dead and another seriously injured.

The Crown has submitted a list of 33 witnesses for the preliminary inquiry, which is expected to take two weeks.

Despite several outbursts in the courtroom and seemingly bizarre comments made in open court since his arrest, Bain was found fit to stand trial following assessments by mental health professionals.

He has appointed himself a spokesperson, a man named Daniel Sweeney, who told reporters in March that he believes Bain wants to represent himself in the court proceedings, but may need legal help if all of his court documents are not translated to English.