A second man accused of firebombing local Jewish institutions will remain behind bars pending the outcome of his trial.

On Monday, Quebec court Judge Céline Lamontagne denied bail to Omar Bulphred, 21.In late April, a judge also denied bail to Azim Ibragimov, 23.

The men are accused of setting off homemade bombs at a Jewish school and community centre as well as setting a vehicle on fire.

The testimony during Bulphred's hearing is protected by a publication ban and cannot be reported.

Bulphred's father, Omar Sr., flew from Algeria where he works to testify at the hearing on Monday.

B'nai Brith legal counsel Steven Slimovitch said his group was happy with Monday's decision to keep Bulphred behind bars, but it underlines the need for a hate crimes unit within the Montreal police department.

The force investigates incidents on a case-by-case basis but has no formal unit.

"There's no question the evidence is scary in terms of the Jewish community— it's a very troubling situation," Slimovitch said. "It does underline the fact that there needs to be a hate-crime unit put in place."

Bulphred, who is charged with arson, uttering threats and possession of arson materials, is due back in court on June 1. Ibragimov is due back in court on May 22.

A homemade bomb was thrown at the Ben Weider Jewish Community Centre in the city's west end last month during Passover.

Last September a similar device was thrown through the front window of a Jewish boys school; a couple of weeks later a car was bombed.

No one was injured in any of the attacks.