Two big polls released today have slightly different results.

I think the Leger Marketing Poll is a better reflection of the overall trend so far in this election.  

Both put Parti Québécois support at 32 per cent.  

CROP puts the Liberals at 29 per cent, Leger at 31.

That's within the margin of error.  

The big difference is how they gauge support for the Coalition Avenir Québec.   

CROP puts the CAQ at 21 per cent. Leger has them at 27 per cent.  

CROP polled between August 4 and to 8. Leger polled from Aug 6 to 8.  

Leger Marketing V-P, Jean Marc Léger, told Radio Noon listeners his firm surveyed more people after Jacques Duchesneau entered the race.   

Duchesneau's candidacy has so far been the defining moment of the campaign.  

Incidentally, here's Jean Marc Léger explaining in Le Devoir why his firm believes that online polling is now more accurate than surveys conducted exclusively by phone.