The federal government is putting $92.3 million to fight street gang crime and drug trafficking in Quebec.

Federal Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day made the announcement in Quebec City Wednesday, flanked by his provincial counterpart Jacques Dupuis.

Quebec will use the money to recruit new officers in five urban regions who will focus on emerging street gang activity, Dupuis said.

"The parents asked us to do something, the population in general wants us to do something, and the police officers, the chief of police told us that this is a phenomenom that we have to invest in."

Street gang crime is rising in Quebec, although police forces are reluctant to specify how many people could be involved.

Police are focusing their efforts on youth prevention programs to limit recruitment among children and teens, Dupuis said.

"It's a phenomenon we have to work on not only in repressive action, but also preventing the young people from joining street gangs," he said.

The federal money will be doled out over five years.

Most of the new officers will be assigned in Montreal, with Quebec City, Sherbrooke and Gatineau also receiving a portion of the funds.