Seven people arrested in connection with a violent kidnapping have been formally charged in Laval court.

  • Payam Sadeghi, 25.
  • Badour Kwikah, 22.
  • Steve Christakos, 26.
  • Danny Noqueira, 24.
  • Nima Nakhai, 21.
  • Jean-Karl Werner Kercy, 27.
  • Ashkan Forsat, 27.
  • They were arrested Tuesday morning at an Econo Lodge motel on Curé-Labelle Boulevard in Laval's Fabreville district. They are charged with kidnapping Wael El Doueik, 29.

    The six men and one woman all made brief appearances Wednesday in a Laval courtroom. All were handcuffed.

    Badour Kwikah, 22, who wore a T-shirt exposing her stomach, giggled and waved at friends as she was led out of the courtroom.

    Kwikah and the six men are facing several charges, including kidnapping, extortion, forcible confinement, and assault with a weapon.

    They're accused of kidnapping El Doueik, who is from London, Ont., and asking for a ransom in exchange for his release.

    Officers with the Sûreté du Québec say an unpaid debt may have been the reason for the kidnapping. El Doueik was questioned by Laval police and released.

    Crown prosecutor Jonathan Meunier says police are looking for more people who may have been involved.

    "There's two other people [for whom] warrants were issued, that investigators are looking to meet. And they should be arrested as soon as possible," Meunier said Wednesday.

    Meunier says he doesn't think that the seven accused are part of a criminal organization.

    "The events [occured] between the 29th of December and Jan. 3. And during all this event, there was violence during all five [or] six days. But I wouldn't say it's an orgazination," he said.

    They're all due to return to court later this month to begin bail proceedings.